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The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) of Medical Education typically
provides guidance and advice on technical matters related to the field of
Health Professions Education. Then. The committee may be composed of
experts in various fields related to medical education, such as curriculum
development, assessment and evaluation, accreditation, and other related
Examples of technical assistance that the TAC may provide include:
1. Developing policies and guidelines related to medical education,
reviewing, and providing feedback on proposed changes to medical
education standards and requirements, and providing technical
assistance and support to medical schools and other stakeholders
involved in medical education.
2. Developing or revising medical school curricula, including
identifying core competencies, and learning objectives, developing
instructional methods and materials, and evaluating the
effectiveness of the curriculum.
3. Guide the development and implementation of assessment and
evaluation tools for medical students, including formative and
summative assessments, standardized exams, and performance
based assessments.
4. Guiding accreditation requirements and standards, including
preparing for accreditation site visits and addressing areas of non
5. Guiding the development and implementation of faculty
development programs, including training on instructional methods
and technologies, assessment and evaluation techniques, and
research and scholarship.
6. Providing the needed consultation to help medical schools
develop their departments that include the postgraduates’ studies.

Overall, the goal of the TAC's technical assistance is to help medical
schools improve the quality of their educational programs and ensure that
they are meeting the needs of their students, patients, and the healthcare

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