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ESME Vision

We aspire to introduce ESME to the medical education community of practice, anchor ESME within the health professions education system, and organizations and become an active participant in the further development of the profession in Egypt in the coming four years.

ESME MIssion

To facilitate the process of innovation and development in the field of health professions education through a socially accountable community which strives to connect, engage, and undertake initiatives for scientific collaboration, sharing experiences, continuous professional training, and research in medical education to improve the healthcare system in Egypt.

Society Values

1. Excellence: A commitment to achieving the highest standards of education and healthcare through continuous learning, improvement, and innovation.

2. Partnership & Collaboration: A belief in the power of teamwork, interprofessional collaboration and partnerships to achieve shared goals and promote mutual learning and growth.

3. Integrity and transparency: A commitment to ethical and professional behavior, honesty, transparency, and accountability in all interactions and activities.

4. Innovation and creativity: A commitment to enriching the medical education field with new and innovative ideas and practices.

5. Inclusivity: A belief in the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in medical education and healthcare. Excellence Partnership & Collaboration Innovatio

ESME Values
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